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cleanliness is a virtue

When you clean with all natural, sustainably sourced, 100% organic soaps you really feel virtuous... but it feels just a little sinful when they smell and feel as good as these bad babes.

Meet the four lovely ladies:


She's a sultry, smoldering dose of sexy with a natural wildness. 

Detox and unwind with a handmade deep pore cleansing charcoal bar with alternating notes of cedar and  pine rounded out with a subtle hint of sandalwood while tea tree and lavender oils work to keep your complexion clear and glowing. Gentle enough to be used as a facial bar or tough enough to cleanse your body head to toe.


She's a slippery one; as hot as the tropical island she comes from and as sweet as a ripe slice of pineapple.

Lather your body in the creamy sweet deliciousness of coconut, pineapple and mango. Warning: this soap may leave you moisturized, refreshed and craving a tropical cocktail.


This little number is as passionate as they come, tart, juicy and just a little bit crazy. A soft lathering soap that will surround you in the light fragrant scents of sweet Hawaiian passion fruit, tart pink guava and memories of your last trip to paradise. Get Naked. Bring the Passion.


She's a free spirit, wild-hearted, nature lover with an adventurous soul.

Formulated for lost boys but tough enough for pirates, to clean even the dirtiest of never never lands. A gentle cleansing bar with upfront notes of sweet orange and a light lingering musky hint of patchouli. 

Choose the one that's right for you or try them all to find your perfect fit! 


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