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vinyl dreams

The reverberating hiss and scratch as the needle slips into place hums through her ears before the sultry but crooning voice serenades her. Sipping her fragrant tea, floral notes surround her at the same time as the sweet steam fills her vision, blurring her thoughts to soft memories of forgotten times. These are the brilliant days of complete relaxation, comfort and pleasure. Just a moment, a reprieve from everyday life but back to the simpler era when you could take the time to just be. Be a gypsy, a wanderer or whatever your heart desires.

Photos // Keith Ketchum

Mega Babe // Taelor May

Styling / Soap / Candles / Words // The Craft of Wandering

Wardrobe / Styling / Accessories // Shipwrecked Kauai 

Jess Feury Kimono / Crop Top

Cali-Dreaming One Piece

Aila Blue Ruffle Bikini Bottom

Boys + Arrows Crop Top with Rust Bikini Bottom

Jewelry // Adina Reyter  14 K Gold Black Diamond Tusk Necklance / Bolt Ring

Lipstick // ILIA 


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