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There is a craft to wandering.

Following your soul's desire for change and the magic of constant new surroundings is a yearning necessary to satiate. We are a wandering species searching for our next adventure. It could be a deserted island in the sun, a bustling culture filled metropolis, a snow capped mountain or simply a walk in the closest woods. In that adventure, knowledge is gained and the next escapade already forming in the back of our minds. Let's practice our craft and wander as creatures of consciousness & cleanliness. Many say the journey is the destination. Wherever your destination may be, let's leave it a better place.


The story of our alchemist starts with an intense curiosity, a lust for travel and the inherent need to create. What began as a love for botany, melded into a whirlwind romance of aromatherapy and useful natural concoctions. Scientifically trained (BA in Animal Biology) and artfully inspired, she uses nature, plants, ancient herbal knowledge, the stars & the planets (aka wandering stars) as her muses. The Craft of Wandering is a small, woman owned business whose first child led to the creation of cleaner products than she could find elsewhere.

Everything tCoW creates contains the finest all-natural ingredients, with an emphasis on plant-based, organic, and food-grade. Each ingredient is included for a therapeutic reason or to delight the senses. No animal testing is conducted on tCoW products or ingredients. All of our oils are organic, sustainably sourced, cold-pressed or steam distilled.

Hand made in Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

The Craft of Wandering was established in 2016 after the birth of our first child, Lucia. It was a way to keep our family living as natural as possible by making the soaps we used (which eventually evolved into all sorts of beauty products) and making a living while doing it. When working from home it's important to make the time to get out in nature, especially with (now) two kids. This is an intro video to our family, our wolf pack, our shooting stars, our little wanderers. This is us.


Bimini, Keith, Lucia & Wilder


If you'd like to support us or your healthy lifestyle buy something here or if you'd like to document your family wanders,

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