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crescent tide

There is rumored to be a stone so brilliant in beauty and potent in gypsy magic that the stone split in two would bind the wearers into an eternal true love no force could ever break. Legend tells that the stone was crafted by a high priestess from solidified moonbeams to honor the everlasting love between the earth and sea. It is there in the ever-changing divide between the rock and waves that the Gypsy Stone can be found. For hundreds of years many have searched for the powerful stone with it's mysterious glow and extraordinary color, yet never a heart pure enough had spoken the words into the sea until two gypsies wandered the cliffs above an angry thrashing ocean chanting in rhythm with the crashing waves "When the moon aligns and stars refuse to shine, here eternal love will remain until the end of time". The two beautiful wanderers broke the stone into two crescent moons and tethered them to their bodies with glittering gold and silver adornments; yet all magic comes with a price. No sooner than the beguiling jewels touched their skin one was pulled into the ocean and the other melded to the rock, only to share their love in tender touches with the ebb and flow of the tide.  Photos & Edit // Keith Ketchum Styling & Story // The Craft of Wandering Hair & Makeup // Jess Stenshoel Jewelry // KOPIOUS  by Kristin Wood Wardrobe provided by The Denim Patch // Benoa Swim // Lucy Love bottoms // Kimonos by Denim Patch Wander Models // Jenna French & Liz Smithers


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